How do you get out of a boat in Minecraft?

  • I mean without it shooting off away from you in some direction. Maybe I'm just missing something, but every time I right click to exit a boat it seems to shoot off out into the water. I'd like to hop out on to the land next to me and have the boat stay put.

    I know you can build elaborate docks with doors and such. But is there a way to just neatly get out of a boat without all that?

    The easiest way to avoid trouble getting out of a boat is to just never, ever get in one.

  • Jasarien

    Jasarien Correct answer

    10 years ago

    The easiest way I find is to look directly downwards, right click to exit, and then carefully hop from the boat. It still moves, but not so much.

    Perhaps Mojang may address this in a future update? It might be worth going to the Get Satisfaction page for Mojang and seeing if it's been raised as an issue already. If not, raise it.

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