How to replay a League of Legends match?

  • I have seen some videos (on YouTube) of LoL games where the commentator analyze the match and he's able to move freely through the map.

    Are these video made from a streaming live game or are they made by replaying something saved locally on PC?

    How to save and replay a match?

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    10 years ago

    You can record games with

    The LRF file just plays with the game itself. You can browse the match, but you don't have information your character did not saw during the game.

    Besides those limitations, I think it is possible to record video of this with comments.

    Hey, thanks a lot, it's really fantastic! I tried yesterday to record and replay a match and it worked well. The only drawback is that I didn't found a way to jump to a specific point in time.

    It's not a perfect tool indeed. But a good start. Maybe they'll try to do better I do not follow the devs stages.

    Just a note: recent versions of LoLReplay provide the option to simultaneously record a spectator view of your games which functions exactly as an actual spectator view would. (Of course, this means you won't be able to see chat.)

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