Is it possible to change the difficulty of a server while it is running?

  • Is it possible to change the difficulty of a Minecraft server while it is running?

    I'm interested about this matter as well...

    The problem with being able to change difficulty while keeping the server up is that it requires the server to know when the file changes. That capability is largely OS dependent. Java might handle the OS dependent part (I'm no expert), but Notch likely hasn't considered it an issue with the server.

    do you mean like in "whether monsters are spawned or not"? Because you can obviously change the difficulty setting to change how much damage is caused. But actually I never tested what peaceful + spawn.mobs=true does..

    peaceful + spawn.mobs=true used to spawn agressive non-killable monsters (it was like that last time i tried, about 4 months ago). The problem was, while being unkillable, they could still inflict you some damage...

    Care to revise which answer acts as the correct one? The difficulty can be changed with a command as stated below.

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    No, it's not possible. You have to edit the file and restart the server.

    this should not be the chosen answer

    @Panomosh Today, yes, but at the time it was answered, it was 100% correct.

    @Bryan didn't notice the 1 year time gap between answers ¬.¬ I'll be going now...

    Yes you can. The /difficulty command allows you to change the difficulty.

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