Can I copy part of a Minecraft multi-player (SMP) map to a single-player map?

  • Is it possible to somehow get the map from an SMP server as a mere player? I did some large Redstone circuitry, and I would like to copy it into my SSP map.

    If not, can I extract the loaded chunks from memory?

    I both like the idea that you could get this, and am strongly opposed to it. One thing common on SMP servers is that you have to hide your possessions. If someone could download the maps, then could use mapping tools to locate the position of all chests.

    If you have admin rights on said server, just dowload the map data, and put it in your SP map folder. No rights, no way to download the map.

    @Zoredache: That is indeed something to wonder about. @Lysarion: That sounds like a so easy answer that there must be a way ;)

    @Lysarion by admin rights you mean file read access, no op status, right? Or is there actually an ingame "download the world data" command?

    Yep, i was meaning the read access, not the IG op status. I don't think there is a command which allow to create multiple backups, but maybe the `/save-all` op commande allows you to backup the map in multiple locations with some special server mods?

    @Lysarion: No, `save-all` does only flush the world to the disk.

    I have assumed you are playing remotely and don't have direct access to his server, is this correct?

    yes you are correct

    Alternatively, if you just want the *world* and not the cumulative effects of building, you can ask your friend for the world's seed.

  • cooldudsk

    cooldudsk Correct answer

    9 years ago

    You can use World Downloader.

    Press Esc in-game and press L to start downloading. It will download everything you see — about 160 blocks away from you, from bedrock to the sky limit. To stop the download, press L again.

    Then, just look in your single-player maps.

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