How do I improve Civilization V's performance?

  • I have pretty decent hardware and I run many games on it. But Civ 5 is unacceptably slow when it reaches an advanced stage where it shows the whole map and there are many units.

    I tried to monitor the CPU and memory and I couldn't find the bottleneck. I run it in a fast SSD and I didn't monitor my GPU.

    I noticed a speed improvement when I changed from DX10/11 to DX9. But the performance isn't acceptable yet.

    Try to play when the view is a bit more zoomed in, perhaps? I've noticed a significant drop in performance the more you zoom out.

    When you say it is slow, do you mean that the graphics and scrolling are slow, or do you mean that it takes a long time for the computer players to take their turns?

    @bwarner both. sometimes just the npc turns that bother me

  • Get FRAPS or some other tool to display the frame rate and monitor the effects of your changes.

    There are a quite some things you could try to do:

    • reduce the graphics settings
    • play at a lower resolution
    • use the strategic view (doesn't help as much as one would think)
    • play on smaller maps
    • don't zoom out as much (as Oak already said)
    • win before the modern age
    • install the latest graphics drivers

    If you're talking about the time between turns, you'll be happy to know that the next patch is supposed to significantly reduce that time.

    You did not write your exact specifications of your computer, Civilization V is a pretty resource-hungry game, you'll need a relatively new and powerful CPU and GPU to play it at decent settings.

    Win before the modern age =) It sounds easier than it is

    @Jader I know, but it is actually one of the best ways to ensure good performance. The difference between early game and late game is pretty big.

    Had a Radeon 4850 card. It plays fast but I can't stand the heat and fan noise. Switching to strategic view made a lot of difference in reducing GPU load.

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