Can I alt-tab out of Minecraft without the game auto-pausing?

  • Is there a way to alt-tab out of Minecraft (i.e. make Minecraft lose focus) without the game auto-pausing and without having to bring a menu (e.g. inventory) up first?

    What's the problem with having a menu up? Granted, it would be *nice* otherwise, but is it causing any *specific* problems you're trying to avoid?

    It fills most of the screen and dims the bits that it doesn't fill. That makes me a bit nervous, as I can't see what's going on.

  • For single player, it seems that you've already figured out that bringing up the inventory screen prevents the game from auto-pausing when it loses focus. I don't believe there is any other way to prevent the auto pausing.

    You may, however, consider hosting a SMP server and being the only person connected to it. In SMP, the game will not pause when you are alt-tabbed out. You can install mods on a SMP server that allow you to create user whitelists to define who you want to connect to your server. If you add only yourself to that list, you don't need to worry about anyone else connecting while you are playing.

    Thank you, that's a really good idea! Is it possible to pause an SMP game at all, by the way?

    Hmm.. I'm not sure, since I've never actually run an SMP server, only played on them. I would assume there's a command to do it, and I'm sure it happens if you stop the server. If you don't want the game to continue when you're not playing, simply stopping the server when you stop playing seems to be an easy solution.

    @Cosmic - Another thing I wanted to mention - whether you're playing SSP or SMP, alt-tabbing will bring up the same menu as when you hit escape. The difference is that when on an SMP server, the game won't pause in the background. If this isn't sufficient, you probably won't find an easy solution to the problem.

    @Cosmic Flame Yes, via /stop. :)

    Note that nowadays you can just "Open to LAN", so there's no need to bring up a standalone server.

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