How can I permanently show FPS?

  • I know there used to be an option to show FPS at all times in an earlier version and I know F3 still shows it now but only while you hold F3.

    I tried this F3 + alt + F3 technique but (at least on my macbook pro) I couldn't get that to work. Any other suggestions?

    Heh, you had `first-person-shooter` as a tag - I presume this was due to a tag synonym of `fps`?

    Oops, good catch. :)

  • Javier

    Javier Correct answer

    10 years ago

    Hold F3, press F10, release F3, press F10 again. It will show all the info (FPS, position, chunk updates, etc.) on the screen without having to hold a button. To get rid of it, press F3 again.

    Perfect! Is that mac specific or does it work in any OS?

    It works in Windows, wouldn't know about anything else, but it probably does.

    Just a note: you won't have to press F10 with F3 you just have to press F3

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