What is the fastest way to level up without killing many people?

  • After finishing the game for every possible faction, I'm thinking about playing again from the start, maybe even in hardcore mode. What missions are the best to level-up quickly? By this I mean, what are some easy missions which give out a lot of experience? I don't want to kill a lot of people; I might even try not to kill anybody. Any ideas? I think I will also ignore locks and computers since I've done them all before. In my original playthrough, I made the mistake of doing a lot of side missions, so I lost the ability to level-up quickly.

    Being "Well Rested" infers a +10% bonus to all experience gained, so is probably handy to try and keep active.

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    I'm going through a similar action myself right now -- I'm trying to kill as few humans as possible. (I made an exception for Benny, and raiders who attack on sight.)

    Skills: I know you said you don't want to do locks and computers, but you'll have to for some things, so keep lockpicking and science high. Prioritize speech -- you can get out of a lot of fights, and even better, get XP for it. Maybe go for survival and/or repair, and go after the challenges for crafting.

    So some early-game missions to help you out? Skip Primm entirely, head straight to Mojave Outpost. You'll get Ghost's quest there, which just requires you to go to Nipton. In Nipton, you'll get "Cold, Cold Heart," which just requires you to go to Mojave. Easy, non-violent 250 XP. Not much, but it'll get you started.

    From there, make a beeline to New Vegas, by way of Novac. In Novac, do Boone's side quest, because it's quick and easy and non-violent. In Freeside, take the peaceful route through G.I. Blues, hook up the Followers and the Garretts, and do the Wang Dang Atomic Tango. Once in New Vegas, go talk to Mr. House and deal with Ring-a-Ding-Ding. After that, you should be able to take down Talent Pool pretty quickly and peacefully.

    By the time you get through all this, with perhaps a little bit of minor side adventurism, and you should be at least level 10 or 12.

    thanks for sharing some cool ideas, I think I might just try to tour the whole map(if im able to get the animal friend perk I wont have to fight animals :) My goals are to see find some new and cool quests and to get uber luck for achievements.

    Boone's quest requires you to lead somebody to their death, hardly non-violent.

    @kotekzot: I have a loose definition of non-violent. See also: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/q/6518/58 (I've forgotten, apparently, how to write in Markdown.)

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