What combinations of spells are the most effective?

  • Is there a significant difference between different combinations of spells in Fable 3? I've found Shock + Vortex to be satisfyingly destructive. But are there better combinations? Do some combinations get bonuses, or is it a matter of taste?

  • Ronan

    Ronan Correct answer

    10 years ago

    I think you want spells that both stun and hurt the enemies, so:

    • Fire, Shock, Blades and Storm do damage
    • Vortex, Force Push and Shock (again) seem to stun or push back

    I'm not sure, but from experience, one from each category works the best, and after that it's just personal preference.

    Anon: There is also a secret bonus that Vortex and Blades get -- the blades become invisible. Another great combo is Shock and Force Push, which lets you stun + gain distance. It's good for groups or blades and force push for targeting 1 person.

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