Famous games written in Python

  • I've seen a couple of these, namely Java and C#/XNA...and I've recently been picking up Python. Which kind of made me think.

    What (famous) games have been written in Python, with Pygame/Pyglet/Pyopengl?

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    Some games use Python for scripting. I heard Unreal is going to use Python, not sure if it is true, though.

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    Eve Online is probably the biggest, and uses Stackless Python, a lightweight, microthreaded version of Python. And Civilization IV had a Python interpreter built-in, but I'm not sure if that was for scripting only, or how much of the game was written in it.

    Also, Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean was written using the Panda3d game engine (which allows both Python and C++ scripting, but from googling it - Disney used Python). The engine is in C++, but then again, the Python interpreter itself also uses a lot of C code. :)

    For a long list of games:

    which also covers a lot of well-known games, like Mount and Blade.

    The graphics engine for Eve is custom and written in C/C++, so by these requirements it wouldn't be "in Python".

    @coderanger, true - but the condition (*famous game* && *pure Python*) == **null** - so I dropped the *pure* condition, whereas you dropped the *famous* condition. :) (Unless Galcon is famous, but I suspect Eve Online is moreso).

    Actually only the client is in C++.

    @RadomirDopieralski Do you have a reference for that? I'd like to know for sure since you all disagree. Thanks.

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