Why does thick saliva form in your mouth after heavy exercise?

  • After (or during) heavy excercise (jogging, working out, etc.) I always start to get very thick, heavy saliva building up in my mouth which I really feel like spitting out. Why does this type of saliva build up, and is it best to spit it out or swallow it (is it kind of waste that your body wants you to spit out, or will spitting it out just dehydrate you more)?

    This only happens to me when I am dehydrated.

    Appreciation to your answers. It has been bothering me but am advised and updated. Thanks alot

  • Joel B

    Joel B Correct answer

    9 years ago

    It is because your body is being responsible with the water it has. Saliva is comprised mostly of water and your body uses (loses) a lot of water during exercise. Since you only have so much water available, your body is smart enough to divert water from non-essential functions to handle the functions it is performing. So your body takes water from the digestive system (saliva) to help fuel things like sweat.

    Any source for it?

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