Effect of Sex/Male Orgasm on Athletic Performance

  • "Women weaken legs." -- Mickey from Rocky I

    I've often heard and have been told from coaches even that one should abstain from any sexual activity, irrespective of whether it is manual or with a partner, before an athletic event.

    Is there any physiological reason for this advice or if said advice is being given only so that the male athlete stays mentally focused. Are there effects on testosterone levels that are significant enough to affect athletic performance? Does sex really make your legs weak? Is the effect of sex/orgasms on athletic performance even measurable due to other variables like nutrition, sleep, mood, etc. etc.?

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    9 years ago

    The answer can be found in the "No Sex Before Sports" episode of Manswers. Here is a summary of that video:

    The assistant coach of the LA Avengers tells his players to abstain from sex the night before a game because late night sex can take away hours from sleep. Adequate sleep is necessary for good athletic performance.

    David Baron, M.D. Physician, says that higher testosterone levels give better coordination, reflexes, and spatial coordination - traits for good athletic performance. He says testosterone levels are NOT affected by sex. David says sex will generally only burn 50 calories and will not wear out an athlete before a game. David quotes Canadian physician Ian Shryder on his report that there was absolutely no effect of sex before a big game.

    "sex will generally only burn 50 calories ". Not if you're doing it right.

    It will if you've got a big game the next day.

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