Will wearing ankle weights all day long make any difference?

  • If I wore them when I'm not exercising, like if I wore them at work (I work in an office), or at home, all day, would it be like a passive form of exercise?

    To estimate how much I walk: I guess I walk to the bus stop, probably about 100-200 metres. Get off bus, maybe 100 metres. Then I sit around all day. But maybe go and talk to somebody two or three times - average distance maybe 5-10 metres (?). Go to kitchen or toilet maybe three times (i drink a lot of water), so that's probably about 50 metres away? Maybe I'll take the stairs too, that's 5 floors up and down. Probably its barely half a km in total.

    Would wearing ankle weights help me get fitter or will it not be enough to make any sort of difference?

    Too bad I can't really test it as I sit down all day and don't have any ankle weights. But could you provide an estimate of how many steps you take each day?

    @Ivo : I added some details

    well other people's opinion is, wearing ankle weights, it prevents you from growing taller...you will grow hops(you can jump higher)...

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    10 years ago

    About.com has a nice article about ankle/walking weights. They estimated the following:

    Adding weight will allow you to burn more calories per mile, but only about 5-8 calories more per mile for every 10 pounds added. Compare that to walking a quarter of a mile - a 100 pound person burns 15 calories in a quarter mile at an easy pace, while a 200 pound person burns 30 calories. That takes only 5 more minutes and you aren't increasing your risk of injury.

    This is similar to the question about walking up stairs, where I calculated that the additional calories are simply not worth it. This isn't an excuse to stop taking the stairs, instead you need to realize that walking only a 1000 steps per day simply isn't enough exercise.

    Increasing the workload with even 20% would still only be the equivalent of 1200 steps, while you probably should be targeting 10.000 steps. As you can see you're almost an order of magnitude behind on the amount of exercise you should be getting and just adding the weights isn't going to cut it.

    So my advice would be to not use weights, but find more 'excuses' to walk more during the day.

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