Tricks to lose weight in 48 hours

  • In the past 3 months I've lost 12.5kg/28 pounds doing it the "right" way: Regular exercise with regular small low-fat meals.

    I'm 178cm/5.84 feet and now weigh 73.5kg/162 pounds.

    The biggest motivator to have kept this up might sound very silly and "wrong" but it worked: I made a bet with a friend that I could lose 14kg in 14 weeks.

    Those 14 weeks end in 4 days, on Wednesday, and I still have 1.5kg to go. At the moment the weight loss obviously goes slower than when I still was carrying a bucket of fat on my body.

    I really don't want to lose the bet on a couple of grams so I'm looking for some kind of unhealthy brute-force attack I can do on my body to drop a lot of weight in the last days.

    Some extra info:

    • I especially need advice on how much water to drink and at what time. I currently drink a lot of water but I guess I should stop that at some point?
    • Remember that just as a boxer, I know the exact time I will be standing on the scale.
    • I'm fully aware that this is unhealthy and that I will gain that weight back by Thursday.

    You could try eating absolutely nothing at all and doing a heavy work out to drain your body of water. It might be unhealthy, but then again it's only temporarily.

    So, let us know the weigh in and if you won.

    Will do, yesterday I already reached -13.6 (so 400 grams/0.9 pound left) so I'm already pretty sure I'll make it. :-) I ate very small doses this weekend and slept a lot.

    Do did you make it?

    Yes, I did make it, even 2 days earlier. exercising heavily with warm clothes helped enormously

  • Okay...I have the answer. I'm a bodybuilder, so this is the kind of stuff we do...

    Do not lift heavy weights for large muscle groups. I will make you swell. Do not do a colon cleanse this close. It can make you hold water.

    However much water you drank on Sunday, do the same on Monday. Assuming you drank a gallon or more of water Sunday, Drink half of that on Tuesday before 6pm. After 6pm, only sip as needed totaling less than a pint between 6pm Tuesday and 12pm Wednesday. I'm assuming you're weighing in at 12pm Wednesday, so adjust accordingly.

    Stop eating all carbohydrates immediately, including fruit. Also stop any dairy products. Only eat protein and veggies with no sodium added.
    For protein, do not eat egg whites. I suggest ground turkey of ground beef.
    For veggies, I suggest asparagus because it is also a natural diuretic.

    As for exercise, just sweat as much as possible.
    Do not soak in a tub or hot tub. Dry sauna would be fine. On Tuesday and Wednesday, only shower very and out.

    Thanks, Im going to accept this as answer because of the details and timeline.

    This is an old answer, but another tip I've heard from wrestlers aiming to make weight is to chew gum and *spit*, its gross but can get you a solid and needed 500g.

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