My hip goes out of place within a matter of days after the Chiroproactor pops it back into place, is there any way I can pop it back myself?

  • It is causing a lot of pain on my SI joint when the hip is out of place, Saturday I went to the Chrio and he popped it back in place, Sunday I noticed a huge improvement in my movement. By the end of the day Sunday, it was back out again. Now it's Monday and the pain is back, I'm sick of going into the office to get fixed and it only lasts a few days. Is there any technique for a self re-adjustment of the hip?

    Is there a way you "can"? Sure. Should you go to the doctor instead? Absolutely. Talk to your doctor or chiropractor about why it keeps coming out of place and see what they suggest. If your chiropractor doesn't give you anything, talk to an actual medical doctor (M.D.) about it and see if they can find a better solution for you.

    @md5sum 'Sure.' do you know how?

    Ask your chiropractor about exercises to strengthen the appropriate muscles to address this issue.

    This seems to be a medical question - treating an injury, rather than preventing a new one during an exercise.

    For what it's worth, off-topic as it is, I have the same issues with my SI joints due to an old injury. I know the maneuver that the chiro is doing to you, which helps a lot. Look into something called a 'Trochanter Belt', which is a brace you wear low around your helps. At least in my case, when it gets bad, the belt helps keep everything in place while the swelling goes down in the joint, so everything stays 'in place' and doesn't wander. The joint isn't "out of place" in so much as swelling in the joint is hindering movement.

    @StyxRiver thanks, I have a similar situation, I have a degenerative disc which causes the muscles to try and compensate and subsequently screwing up my SI joints

  • First off, I'm not a doctor, and you seriously should talk to yours to see if they can come up with a more permanent solution for you. However, depending on how badly out of place it is, you can sometimes put it back by sitting on the floor on your butt with your feet out, legs straight, then spread your legs apart. If it's badly out, this could fail and you could seriously injure yourself. If it's bad enough that this doesn't help, you could also have a friend help you do the Allis Maneuver.

    In the Allis Maneuver, lay on your back, legs straight, and your friend should pull against your hip while pressing your pelvis down, rotating your leg up to a 90 degree angle with your back, knee bent at a 90 degree angle, then with a great deal of force pulling your leg up and pressing your pelvis down. This requires a great deal of force, and hurts really bad from what I understand. It is also very dangerous and you could end up (once again) seriously injuring yourself.

    There is also the Stimson Maneuver, which would likely require 2 friends' assistance. I would advise very strongly against using any of the methods I've listed, and would urge you to go talk to your doctor. These maneuvers listed here could cause serious, permanent damage to your body.

    enter image description here

    Hmm, thanks. My chiropractor does a really simple move where I lay on my side and put my top arm over my head, and bend my top knee, then he just kind of crunches me. If I had a second person I could just have them learn that, but I want to do it by myself. I mean I can still walk around find, it's not like it's out of socket, it's just slightly misaligned or something. I asked the chiro if there was a way to do it myself and he just kind of brushed it off and said 'if there was I wouldn't have to have someone else adjust me' but I think it might be a marketing ploy.

    If you can still walk, it likely isn't out of place. Talk to a real doctor (M.D.) and find out what's really going on.

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