How long will grease (from bacon or roast) keep in the fridge?

  • I kept all of the bacon grease from making bacon this weekend, and now I have a jar of solidified grease in the fridge. How long can I use this to impart bacony goodness to my fried vegetables before it goes bad?

    What is the shelf life of the fat drippings from bacon, roast and other meats?

  • Depends on how many solids and how much water you have in it. If you've rendered, filtered, and refined it, it should last a few weeks easy.

    Note: my mother maintained it never EVER went bad, refrigerated or not. Lot of old time southern cooks will say the same, but they all go through it fast.

    I remember seeing people keep it for a couple months with no problems at all. No special care to filter/refine it, just fried the bacon in a broad enough pan that the water content was very very low.

    I grew up in one of those families, @Jefromi. My dad uses wide pans and strains through cheesecloth to remove ugly solids, then leaves a mason jar of the leftover fat in the fridge for easily 6-8 months and has never had a problem. I'm not implying that's safe, I know by the numbers we should probably be sick 5x over, just wanted to confirm what you and Satanicpuppy said with first-hand anecdotal evidence!

    Considering the amount of salt and other preservatives that are in even filtered bacon fat, it probably was pretty safe if kept cold.

    @sean: I'm sure it *can* go bad...I've just never seen it. Joy of Cooking states that bacon grease can be kept "indefinitely" which is somewhat surprisingly indefinite for such a widely circulated cookbook.

    I'm not willing to go as far as the Joy of Cooking does. I think their expectation must be that bacon grease would not last long enough in anyone's fridge to test that boundary! :)

    Put a tissue over a jar that has a tight lid and hold it there with a rubber band. Pour bacon grease through it and then into the fridge that's iit.

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