How to dry out mash - added too much milk

  • I was just making some mashed potatoes and slipped when adding milk, adding probably 50% too much.

    The mash is now very liquid. Whats the best way of saving it?

    I am thinking of either heating gently to dry out a bit or adding some sort of flour to it, or both.

    The mash will be used to make fishcakes if that makes a difference and has been seasoned with salt and pepper and butter.

    As a culinary barbarian, I'd just add enough dehydrated instant potato flakes to get the consistency right. You should still end up with plenty of *real* mashed potato goodness in your fishcakes. Flour, wheat, corn or other is liable to add an off flavor.

    Flour in that application once nearly got someone booted from Masterchef US :)

    Instant masa would likely also work, and *might* not be noticed. They make the stuff pretty bland nowadays.

  • I keep a box of instant mashed potato flakes in the house. I use it only for two things: one is a super-quick pantry chowder and the other is to thicken over milked mashed potatoes. While I wouldn't want to eat a bowl of instant mash, a quick shake in this circumstance takes care of the problem and no-one's the wiser.

    They're also great as a thickener for stew.

    That's a great idea. Probably the perfect solution to this problem.

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