How do I pick a watermelon at the supermarket?

  • Lately, every watermelon I bring home form the organic section of the supermarket has not been sweet.  Among the small, seedless varieties, I try to pick the densest. How do I know if it is ripe?  Can I ripen them at home?  Should I keep them in the fridge?

    The watermelon and the melon I got today were great. Thanks to all.

    One comment I haven't seen in any of the answers or comments. Seedless watermelons are usually less sweet than watermelons with seeds. Also the center of the watermelon where the seeds normally reside whether seeded or seedless is the sweetest part of the melon.

    You should make watermelon rind pickles with all of them, but particularly with the ones that are a bit under-ripe, where you'll get a bit more usable rind for pickling.

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    I don't believe there is a fool-proof way to determine 'ripeness' without taking a slice out of it. The best you can do is look for certain signs:

    • Ripe melons have a hollow sound when you tap or slap the outside
    • Look for the patch where the melon would have been on the ground (called the field spot). If it's a yellow colour its probably ripe, if it's white, it's probably not.
    • It should feel relatively heavy when lifted
    • Weird areas on the skin aren't necessarily bad. insects may have tried to start eating the fruit because it is ripe, but have only marred the surface.

    Unfortunately, melons don't continue to ripen once picked, unlike fruits such as apples, bananas etc. which contain ethylene. As a tip don't store melons with these kinds of fruit, they may well go 'soggy'.

    Extra: NYtimes video on picking the right watermelon.

    Thanks for mentioning the storage; I just moved my melons away from the apple-containing fruit bowl!

    Thanks @Michael Pryor for the NY Times video link. For the record, this summer I've had nothing but great watermelons.

    Some melons do ripen once picked, cantaloupe and honeydew, for example. What is your source for melons not ripening after picking?

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