How long can hard cheeses last in a refrigerator?

  • I had chunks of various hard cheeses, mostly parmesan, in my refrigerator for varying lengths of time. Some as long as 3+ months.

    I've never seen any obvious signs of spoilage and have never been struck down by food poisoning after using said cheese. But my wife is very suspicious when using any food that has been in the fridge for longer than a week.

    Is there a generally accepted length of time to keep these types of hard cheese?

    Posting as a comment because it isn't authoritative enough for an answer: My experience jives with yours. I buy big chunks of parmesan that last me 4-6 months. In that time they get hard and dry but never have I had any problems with mold or spoilage. They just have too much salt and no water to spoil.

    SO 2year old matured chedder is going to be bad after a week in the fridge - must be a pretty nasty fridge!

  • Jonathan

    Jonathan Correct answer

    10 years ago

    Hard cheeses (e.g. parmesan) will typically last several months in the refrigerator once removed from the packaging. The larger the chunk, the longer it will last. If mold forms on the outside, simply cut it off and continue using. There is no reason to throw-away good parmesan.

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