What's a good substitute for cilantro?

  • I have several friends with the soap gene (cilantro tastes like soap to them), my father's allergic (it gives him a headache) and because of a lifetime of avoiding the stuff, I find cilantro overwhelming in just about everything.

    Typically, I substitute parsley, but sometimes it still feels like the dish is missing something. Are there other good substitutes for cilantro, either individual herbs or combinations?

    Yeah, parsley seems like more of a visual substitute than a flavor substitute.

    Soap is far from an adequate description for how foul it tastes to me...but I won't suggest a substitution that would do it justice by my tastebuds. ;^)

    The only true replacement for cilantro is fresh coriander.

    Brit here - what is cilantro? We see it often on American cooking videos etc and most Brits just ignore it. It looks like Coriander. It might be available in certain supermarkets but I am certain 99% of British people have no idea what Cilantro is or how it used.

    @Venture2099 it's the american name for coriander

  • AttilaNYC

    AttilaNYC Correct answer

    10 years ago

    I would try Lime Basil or a mixture of 1/2 vinegar, and 1/2 bottled lime juice (small portion).

    The lime basil sounds delicious.

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