What are the pros and cons of Convection Microwave Ovens?

  • Are convection microwave ovens a useful item to have? Or are they not good as a microwave and not good as a convection oven either?

    I understand that a regular convection oven helps to cook things faster. But a microwave cooks things pretty darn fast already so why would you want a convection feature?

  • It is a combination of a regular convection oven with a microwave, so you have both hot air and microwaves cooking your food. So the advantage is you get the quick interior heating of the microwaves combined with the surface browning from the hot air; convection just makes that hot air cooking faster and more even.

    To emphasize: you can use both functions at the same time, or use just one. For e.g. Gratin Dauphinois using both together is great: the microwave makes the potatoes cook quickly, and the convection makes them yummy.

    Nitpick: the dish is _pommes Dauphinoise_, not gratin d.

    Pommes dauphines and gratin dauphinois are two different things.

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