What can be done to thin chocolate for dipping?

  • I have been dipping chocolates for many years. I recently tried a new brand of chocolate that has a fantasic flavor, but it is thicker than I'd like when melted. I know adding cocoa butter will help, but I don't have any on hand. Is there anything else I can use that will leave me with a hard (as opposed to ganache-like) chocolate coating?

  • vwiggins

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    10 years ago

    Most fats work (this is why cocoa butter works) most people recommend Crisco but a small amount of low flavoured oil (or flavoured for that matter) is fine.

    I like ganache so personally extra thick double cream does it for me.

    Either way it's easier to add more later than take out! Start with a little bit.

    My roommate used to use vegetable oil for this.

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