How do I butter popcorn without making it soggy?

  • I've tried buttering my popcorn in the past, and it always turns out inconsistent. A few pieces will be soaked with butter, and others have no butter on them at all.

    Perhaps there is a way to get the butter flavoring without drizzling butter on after popping the kernels?

    Great question, I have that problem as well.

    I too am curious if there's a good solution here!

  • Martha F.

    Martha F. Correct answer

    10 years ago

    Another option is to make your popcorn in a pot using butter as the oil for the bottom. I find that if you toast the unpopped popcorn kernels in the butter, it gives a bit of a butter flavor to the entire pot -- less than if you were to put butter on the top, but plenty for me.

    This is an innovative suggestion. May just have to try it at some point!

    Use a lower heat than with oil, otherwise you will burn the butter!

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