Can a disposable aluminium pan be used to bake a cake?

  • I want to know if an aluminium lasagna pan can be used in an oven for baking a cake?

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    What dangers are you worried about?

  • talon8

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    5 years ago

    If you're asking if you can bake a cake in that aluminum tin because you're wondering if it's safe, then the answer is yes. It says Lasagna Pan on the label, as in you're meant to bake a lasagna in it. No reason why a cake would be dangerous. I imagine you'd be baking the cake at a lower temp than a lasagna.

    You'd want to worry about the cake sticking to the sides maybe. You'd also want to account for the fact that the pan is thinner and heat transfer would be different (cooking times and temperatures might need to be adjusted).

    Got it. No I'm not worrying about cake sticking on it.

    And you *might* want to lower the temperature a bit because the heat transfer is faster, but that's just a side note...

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