How to tell when bacon is cooked enough?

  • I've been experimenting cooking bacon on the George Foreman grill. I'm trying it out a little less cooked and was wondering, how do I know if it's cooked enough to be safe to eat? Recently I've tried coating the bacon in maple syrup and it really makes it difficult to see when the bacon starts to brown.

    The general guidance is to cook it until it is **crisp**. (USDA) Recipes for maple candied bacon call for cooking the bacon until it is more than half done (edges will be curling, bacon will begin browning), adding the syrup, then finishing it. The sugars may over-caramelize otherwise. Bacon cooked this way is described as "golden brown" when done. The total time will be longer than non-maple bacon because the syrup will cool the bacon.

    This is a possible duplicate of this question. The accepted answer is that, if bacon is properly cured, it is safe to eat raw.

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    5 years ago

    Bacon cooks to safe very quickly. Once it's opaque it is safe to eat.

    Raw bacon is itself pretty low risk, provided it has been properly cured. Even if it wasn't cooked through, you are unlikely to come to harm.

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