To which internal temperature should I cook beef for rare/medium/well done?

  • I am going to cook a beef roast: To which internal temperature should I cook it for rare/medium/well done?

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    10 years ago
    |  Rare         |  120 °F to 125 °F  |  49 °C to 52 °C   |  center is bright red  |
    |  Medium Rare  |  130 °F to 135 °F  |  54 °C to 57 °C   |  center is very pink   |
    |  Medium       |  140 °F to 145 °F  |  60 °C to 63 °C   |  center is light pink  |
    |  Medium Well  |  150 °F to 155 °F  |  66 °C to 68 °C   |  not pink              |
    |  Well Done    |  160 °F and above  |  71 °C and above  |  brown throughout      |

    grrrrr, I'm having trouble finding the source, but I'd like to point out that the US gov doesn't agree with these numbers at all. Their numbers are much higher. However, I agree with hobodave. The gov is much closer to the numbers on wikipedia:

    @yoss: yea, the chart tends to differ by about 5 degrees depending on where you read it

    @yossarian - every cookbook I've ever read says that the USG is quite overcautious with their measurements.

    @justkt, Yes. I agree whole heartedly and use the same temp guidelines as hobodave (well, actually I don't have any use for them past 135F). I was just pointing out that the USG didn't agree.

    You forgot 'blue'

    Officially I think the government says 140 for rare. However, I agree with the table above if you are planning to "rest" the meat ... meaning, I would pull it out of/off the heat and tent it with tinfoil for 15 minutes to let the juices settle and also let the internal temperature come up a bit more. I find this makes for a HUGE success.

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