Rule of thumb for cooking or baking different quantities?

  • I often want to cook double quantities from that stated in a recipe - say, twice the quantity of pasta bake or casserole (all in one dish), or two cakes instead of one (in separate tins).

    Is there a rule of thumb for extending the cooking time from that stated in the recipe, and should I adjust the oven temperature up or down as well?

    This really depends on what you're cooking. Different foods will react very differently to changes in cooking time.

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    10 years ago

    For Baking, to double the quantities, try the following:

    • Remove 1/3 of the cooking time.
    • Double the remaining amount.
    • Add your original third back on.

    So If you're doubling something that would take 1 hour to bake.

    • Remove 1/3 (Leaving 40 minutes)
    • Double this new amount (Giving 80 minutes)
    • Add your original 1/3 back on. (100 minutes)

    You may need to play around with the temperatures to make sure that you're not burning the outside.

    i.e. Just add two thirds of the original cooking time `Time + (2xTime/3)`, or `5xTime/3`, which ever fits best in your head. `5xTime/3` fits best in mine :)

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