What uses are there for basil flowers?

  • I have tons of basil in my herb spiral.

    However, this stuff is precious, and I always feel bad when I throw away the basil flowers when I make pesto sauce.

    Is there a way to use the basil flowers when cooking?

    My bees think they are the bees knees! They love the flower of the African blue basil and bring life to the yard. I pinch them back after a while because the plant gets tired of supporting all those flowers and make pesto!

  • Martha F.

    Martha F. Correct answer

    10 years ago

    If you pinch off the basil flowers as they start to grow, the plant will produce more leaves. (Yes, this is a horticultural answer, but it will help you make more yummy dishes with the leaves.)

    I've also been told, and found through experience, that the more flowers are produced, the less sweet the leaves become. I definitely recommend pinching off the flowers before they actually become flowers. Bonus: where you pinch the stem, the two leaves will become main stems, so you can keep making the plant more bushy as you trim it!

    Thanks for all the answers, this is indeed what I will do. (Basically turn the flowers in to more leaves by pinching the flowers).

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