How To Tell When Corn is Done With Boiling

  • When boiling corn, how can I tell when it's done?

    I usually remove the husk and silk. Would there be any advantage to leaving them on when boiling?

    what's your general technique after you've removed the husk and the silk (which I do as well)? Place in boiling water? Place in cool water and bring to a boil? Add salt? Sugar?

    I start the water to boil and then husk it. Once it's boiling, I add the corn. I don't add salt or anything else to the water.

    on a side note, Try grilling them too :)

    @dassouki - so, so good grilled with the husk and silks off drenched in butter and covered in seasoned salt and pepper

    next time, mix a wee bit of butter with chilly or cayenne

  • It does depend on the corn.

    Eat some raw... Notice the starchy taste (Still yummy, just starchy)

    What you want to do is boil it just enough to drive out the starchy taste.

    I would get 3 cobs, break them in half, and pull one out every minute.

    Then have a taste test.

    I love kitchen tests, +1 from me - with corn, "done" can be very subjective and this is the perfect way to test how long it takes to get it done _to your liking_

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