Can I store bread dough overnight?

  • I would like to bake bread as soon as I get up.

    • Would it be possible to store bread dough overnight, perhaps in the fridge?
    • For how long could I store it?
    • Would it need to rise again next morning?

    I'm going to assume that by 'as soon as you get up', you're still giving a good 30 min for preheating the oven, and allowing the bread to warm back up from the fridge. If so, see the answers to a question I asked about baking as soon as I get home :

  • Yes, it is possible, and in fact usually results in better bread, because the yeast has more time to work and develop flavour. It depends on the recipe, but you should usually reduce the amount of yeast being used to prevent overproofing. You can keep most doughs for a couple of days in the fridge, depending again on the amount of yeast and how often the fridge is opened.

    Simply mix and knead your dough as normal, cover it tightly with plastic wrap over the bowl, then put it straight in the fridge. You will usually need to allow a couple of hours the next morning for the dough to 'wake up' and finish a full proof, but if your dough has fully risen in the fridge (ie it has grown 1.5-2 times) you can go straight to shaping.

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