I ate undercooked steak, what can happen to me?

  • What are the risks of eating undercooked steak?

    I tried to cooked medium rare steak for the first time and I did not know about the palm trick to see it the meat is ready. I ate a bite and it was very soft. After I googled and found the hand/palm firmness trick,I realizes my meat was not cooked.

    I am changing this to ask about the risks of a behavior, so it doesn't seem like it is asking for medical advise.

    Mad cow disease is now an unlikely prospect, but if you're inclined to worry; it has done for 177 people in the United Kingdom alone as of 2009: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bovine_spongiform_encephalopathy

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    The risks of eating undercooked steak vary based on the the region, the risk status of the person involved (are they a child, elderly, or immunocompromised in any way).

    For normal healthy adults, the risks of eating a single bit of under cooked steak in any of the industrialized nations are fairly small.

    • Nothing might happen
    • You might suffer from food-borne illness, most likely e coli. from steak, with consequences ranging from:
      • You might get a "tummy ache"
      • You might suffer flu-like symptoms or vomiting for a few days
      • You might die, but it is quite unlikely

    Note that food borne illness normally takes at least 24-48 hours to develop, and is related to the quantity of contaminated food consumed. One bite is lower risk than a whole meal (lower, not none).

    If you are seriously concerned, you should consult your physician.

    See also: Foodborne Diseases Factsheet from Texas state government

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