What's the difference between Red and Panang curry?

  • I love Panang curry and Thai food in general. However, whenever I try to make curry at home it always comes out as indistinguishable from Red curry. What's the distinction between these two dishes? I feel like I'm probably just missing one or two ingredients that make the difference, but my trusted recipe books and google haven't been of much use.

    Always wondered this as well. Panang curry is delicious!

  • I have just looked in the book "Thai Food" (by David Thompson).

    Both are very similar. The main difference I can see is that there are souring agents in the red curry (fish sauce and shrimp paste). These are absent in the panaeng which has peanuts as a major ingredient in the paste (and nutmeg).

    The panaeng is also usually made with beef which is simmered in count milk until tender.

    At least as it is made in the many Thai restaurants in Seattle, the peanut component of the sauce is very pronounced in Panang curries, so I think this is the most relevant answer.

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