Should flour be thrown out past its expiry date?

  • As the title says, is it safe to consume flour once its past its expiry date or should it be thrown away?

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    7 years ago

    The main things that can go bad with flour, assuming it is properly stored are:

    • Rancidity
    • Insect infestation

    If you don't see any insects, and it still smells good, you should feel free to use it. If it smells off or nasty—trust me, your nose will tell you—then you will want to discard it.

    The actual date on the bag is only a guideline.

    mine smells like plado, should I be worried??

    Look VERY VERY closely for the insects, they can be very small! Best to hold it still and see if anything moves. The fact that it is unlikely you will be eating it raw means a good cooking will kill bugs and so on (but you will end up eating them). Also if you do have bugs in there they are probably in ALL your flour based products and any "cupboard dust", etc so you will need a good clean.

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