How long should chia seeds soak?

  • I am new to use chia seeds. I soaked them in water for about an hour and there was no significant difference in the size.

    As per websites it could grow like 12 times the original size.

    How much time does it need to be at its maximum size?

    From my experience, they can *gel* 12 times their volume of water, but the seeds themselves don't actually expand much. The water they're in just gets goopy.

  • I usually let it soak overnight, though it isn't necessary to soak that long. You should soak it till it forms a paste/gel like consistency and it would take at least 2-3 hours, though this website claims under ten minutes (time might vary depending on the batch of the seeds). You could also soak it in any juice or fruit extract as well.

    Additionally, you can also use it in its raw form without soaking, the way one would use poppy/sesame seeds. very careful when using raw chia. They can cause blockages that can be very dangerous. I was adding a scoop to my shakes 2x's a day for a week and ended up in the ER. I had a small intestine obstruction and was at risk of rupture. I was just released yesterday after 4 days in the hospital. The Dr. Let me know that this wasn't the 1st case he has dealt with a chia blockage. I will still use them, just right way next time.

    Scarifying the seeds before soaking should give a more uniform swelling time: I use a rock tumbler with 1/2" pebbles overnight, but there are plenty of ways to do it.

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