Difference between conventional oven with fan assisted and convection with fan assisted?

  • For all my recipes I have been baking using convention plus fan assisted option and my bakes turn out to be good. But now I have moved to new house where there is a convection oven. I tried my cookie recipe with convection plus fan option, my bake turn out over cooked on the outside and undercooked on the inside. What is the difference between convention oven with fan assisted and convection with fan assisted?

    After googling for the difference, I am really confused whether convention oven can have fan? But I am sure the SMEG model I used before says "Conventional cooking with fan assisted".

    It looks like this answer may be helpful. Link

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    They're the same thing - convection ovens are also known as fan-assist ovens (see for example wikipedia), since they're basically an oven with a fan. Maybe what you had previously was marketed as a fan-assisted oven, and threw out the phrase "conventional cooking" to emphasize that you can still do everything you conventionally could. But it sounds like you're just talking about two different convection ovens here.

    More likely, the problems you're having are to do with either the convection being more efficient in your new oven, or the temperature control being off on one of the two. Ovens aren't always perfect, so likely your new oven is hotter when you set it to a given temperature than the old one. It might also have a more efficient fan. You can probably learn to adjust by trial and error - reduce temperatures, and check things frequently until you figure out you've gotten it right. It might also be helpful to grab a thermometer and see if your new oven is lying to you about the temperature.

    (If you were previously using non-convection recipes in a convection oven, without adjustment, then your old oven was probably either too cool or its fan wasn't doing much. If you were adjusting recipes for convection previously, then maybe your new oven is hotter than it should be.)

    +1. Most ovens are inaccurate by very wide margins, last time a friend measured his oven it was 38°C off. Has nothing to do with oven technology, just with bad sensors.

    My oven has two separate modes, so they are not the same thing. I think Aga cooker's answer covers the distinction my oven manufacturer draws between the two.

    They are definitely not the same thing. My oven has convection, with a heated fan as well as top & bottom elements; & though it doesn't bother with a 'cold' fan+top & bottom mode, it does have a 'rotisserie' setting which is fan + top grill only.

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