What is the best and fastest way to liquify Nutella chocolate spread?

  • I usually put some amount in a cup and add a very small amount of water to start mixing. This is usually effective as long as the amount of water is very small compared to chocolate, in which the chocolate still has a strong taste. I thought of using milk, but I do not want the chocolate's taste to be faded (milk has a taste compared to water being neutral ).I also tried using the microwave, but that was pretty useless.

    I want something really fast and reliable.

    @DMz- what consistency are you trying to achieve?

    And what are you actually trying to do with it? Heating it in a microwave does melt it, but apparently that's useless?

    Im just a student trying to put some melted chocolate on bananas ..

    @Jefromi - I wasn't going there. lol!

    @DMz - If there's a way to thin Nutella, we'll find it!

    Haha im not a cook, nor do I have cooking skills. But as a student I try to do something from time to time. Plus I don't have that many cooking ingredients (hence why I just use water + nutella).

    For future questions, you'll probably get better answers if you explain what you're doing (and what you've tried) in the first place - in particular, nutella definitely melts when heated (it shouldn't solidify), and knowing that you want to put it over bananas is helpful.

    Place inside car on a hot summer's day.

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    8 years ago

    Heating it up in the microwave will temporarily make it runnier, but then it will go back to its original consistency. Here are some ways that may work for you:

    • Add some neutral flavored oil: just a bit though or it will get greasy
    • Add chocolate syrup: chocolate syrup is very runny will thin it out while still keeping the chocolate flavor. Hershey's is available in the US and UK, Tate and Lyle makes one in the UK. Not sure where you are but there will likely be something available
    • If you can't find chocolate syrup try making a very thick chocolate milk with some cocoa powder or chocolate milk powder

    When I heated Nutella chocolate spread, it became very solid !! Well I do not have current access to chocolate syrup nor cocoa power. But I do have chocolate milk powder. So I mix that with a bit of water as well ?

    @DMz, add it to milk, even if it says water, that will make it richer

    @DMz: if it became solid you probably heated it too much!

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