How to fix food that got extra salty?

  • I imagine this depends on what the food is. With spaghetti, you can add water or change water if you detect it on time. But what about grilled meat? Or a tomato sauce?

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    10 years ago
    1. Determine correct ratio of food to salt.
    2. Add more food until proper ratio is achieved.

    Or just serve extra beer with it.

    Serving extra beer with a meal can cover a multitude of errors. :)

    That would work for tomato sauce or spaghetti, but it's hard to grow a chunk of meat :-), especially while cooking it.

    @Vinko: well, you could always switch up and make hamburger...

    Is this general "beer makes you notice less overall" advice, or does beer actually have some specific quality that diminishes salt flavour?

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