Is it okay to use aluminium foil instead of parchment paper while baking cookies?

  • I don't have access to parchment paper or even butter paper for that matter. I just read on a website that it'd be okay to use aluminium foil as long as I apply a coating of grease on it. And also since aluminium conducts heat faster, will I need to reduce the baking time?

    I'll let others answer your direct questions; but different cookies have different "adherence" properties to their cooking surface, and you may experience more "bits of foil left on the bottom of the cookies" than you would with parchment paper. Depends on the cookies.

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    8 years ago

    Yes, certainly you can. For that matter, you can simply grease the cookie sheet itself, although that means scrubbing after baking.

    Cooking times would be the same as for parchment.

    @UdayKanth From personal experience I find cookies on aluminum foil has a darker and crispier bottom compared to cookies baked on parchment paper.

    This is somewhere between misleading and simply wrong. Parchment paper reduces sticking, and browning on the bottom (as Jay said). Greasing the foil makes up for the first, but aluminum foil will *not* reduce browning, meaning you *can't* use the same cooking time. Same goes for putting them straight on the pan.

    Yeah, @BobMcGee answer below is better than mine. If the original asker is around, they should change accepted answers.

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