How to tell when a turkey burger is fully cooked?

  • I had a BBQ this weekend, and I've come to pride myself on my BBQ'ing skills... except turkey burgers. Cook them too short and you're endangering your guests. Cook them too long and they get really dry.

    I can visually tell when to flip a burger (because the juices come to the surface), but are there any visual clues for when to flip a turkey burger, and when to take it off the grill?

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    10 years ago

    I use an instant-read thermometer. It's by far the simplest method.

    I use the Taylor 9842 Commercial Waterproof Digital Thermometer. As Darin states, you're shooting for 165℉ for turkey.

    My old Taylor died a few weeks ago. After reading rave reviews from Cooks Illustrated, and Alton Brown's recommendation, I splurged and got a Thermoworks Thermapen. It is amazing!

    165 degrees is the temperature you'll be aiming for.

    by "instant-read," do you simply mean a digital thermometer that you stick into the side of the meat that's wired into a digital display?

    @Ben: I updated my answer with the specific one I use. It's not "wired", the display is directly on the probe. Just stick it in and press the button. You can even calibrate it with a glass of ice water using a little screw on the side.

    anything else I can do besides a thermometer?

    @Mike: Considering we're talking about avoiding salmonella here, I'd just use the thermometer... Also, be careful not to cross-contaminate the beef, which you'll likely not be cooking to 165.

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