What can be used as an alternative for Applesauce?

  • This banana bread recipe calls for applesauce and it's not something that's available at the stores here. Will it be okay if I just leave it out or can I use any other common ingredient to replicate the effect?

    I know this is old, but for anyone finding this on Google, it's worth mentioning that ita very easy to make applesauce! Basically bake/boil (I've heard microwave works too) a peeled apple with a little water. Some apples bake down to basically a sauce consistency, others you may need to blend.

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    Applesauce has little flavor and almost no nutritional value. It is added to baked goods for the one thing it does have- pectin.

    Pectin interferes with gluten in a similar manner to fat although by a different mechanism. For this reason applesauce is often used to replace some of the fat in recipes for health-conscious bakers. See this question.

    Other banana bread recipes are very similar to cakes and rely on a huge amount of fat- often creamed with a large amount of sugar.

    Your options are then to:

    • Replace the applesauce with some other oil substitute. Another puree of high-pectin fruit would work.
    • Switch to a recipe that just uses the fat and enjoy a richer banana bread.

    @Sobachatina--Couldn't one substitute water+pectin, since that's most of what the apple sauce is contributing?

    @Ray- sounds reasonable. Though I can't imagine a place where you could find pectin for sale but not applesauce.

    @Sobachatina Okay, what if I use more butter? Will that be ok?

    @Uday- yes that would work but it might take some experimentation to figure out how much butter. You should consider just finding a new recipe that doesn't use the applesauce.

    @Sobachatina Alright. I've already found quite a few recipes that don't use applesauce so I'm good to go. Thanks!

    Applesauce made with decent apples has plenty of flavor. That made with modern hypersweet, hyperpalatable cultivars has all the flavor of a cheap storebought tomato, in February.

    Although it's quite easy to make applesauce (dice several apple varieties into a pan, add a little water, simmer for 15 minutes and mash), another excellent substitute for applesauce is pumpkin puree. It too has little flavor in baked goods and is high in pectin.

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