What can I use instead of annatto?

  • Annatto is a common spice in Mexican cookery, especially in the Yucatan. However, like many Mexican ingredients, it's hard to find in Europe. What can I use as a substitute to give the same colour and approximate flavour?

    Go ahead, shoot me for another "have you checked your asian grocer" :) Annato is often found near the bagged spices there, esp if said grocer caters to indian cuisine needs too - in which case he might also have kashmiri or deggi mirch, both are chili powders that have intense red coloring power and a tolerable level of heat...

    Aren't annatto and a achiote synonymous?

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    8 years ago

    The flavor is described as being very mild and unless the recipe calls for a ton of the stuff it is probably being used mostly for color.

    The color it gives is a yellow-orange. Substitutions used are turmeric, paprika, or a mixture of the two. It was often used itself as a substitution for saffron but of course saffron would be too expensive to make the substitution back.

    If your recipe does use a lot of annatto (or you are serving it to people who claim to be able to detect the difference) then your best bet would probably be to just buy it online. It is a seed so it isn't fragile and ships well.

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