How can I get a corn tortilla to be pliable enough to work with?

  • I like the flavor and texture of corn tortillas (store-bought), but they always tear apart whenever I try to use them in a non-flat way - enchilada-style, for example. How can I make the corn tortillas soft enough to work with (to roll around some ingredients, for example)?

  • You need to warm them up a bit. There are a number of ways to do this

    • 20 or 30 seconds on a griddle (or a comal if you have one)
    • wrap a stack in foil and place in 325 oven for until warm
    • wrap a stack in a clean towel and steam them using a steamer
    • slightly moisten a towel and wrap it around a stack and microwave them for a bit

    If you've warmed them and they are still tearing then your tortillas are no longer fresh.

    For enchiladas, dipping in hot oil is also a good way- the oil also keeps the tortillas from getting mushy in the sauce.

    When I make enchiladas, I throw each tortilla onto the open flame of a gas range for ten seconds or so. They get nice and soft and the occasional black spot is a flavor enhancer. Use tongs!

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