Can I prepare instant noodles in the microwave?

  • I want to prepare instant noodles in microwave. The instructions on the pack clearly mention a gas stove to be used, but I don't have access to one.

    The instant noodles I am talking about are Nestle's maggy 2 minutes (that's how they brand it in India). Have a look at the the following Google image search link if it still doesn't ring a bell.

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    The Maggi noodles you link to are just average ramen noodles, so can be cooked in the microwave quite easily.

    1. Boil a kettle of water
    2. Place the noodles in a microwavable bowl. You may need to break the noodles into pieces, but if you're careful with the boiling water you can sometimes soften the noodles in the middle enough to fold the block to make it all fit without breaking
    3. Pour the flavour sachet (and any other curry powder/herbs) onto the dry noodles
    4. Pour the boiling water onto the noodles, enough to cover the noodles, and if desired, a bit more for a bit of a soup
    5. Put into the microwave, you can cover with a loose lid if desired, and microwave for around 2 minutes
    6. Stir the noodles, separating any stuck-together blocks of noodles
    7. Put back into the microwave for another 2-3 minutes (depending on your microwave's power)

    I usually cook these kind in the microwave, since if I'm eating them I'm not usually in the mood for a proper cooking session. They do (depending on the kind of noodle) sometimes turn out slightly different when done in the microwave, as compared to boiling on hob, but both are nice as a snack.

    Hmmm I've never had to boil water AND microwave before. And the amount of time you said to microwave after already adding boiling water seems excessive. I usually just let the noodles steep in boiling water for about 5 minutes covered and it's done. Or I just put faucet water into a bowl with the noodles and microwave for just 3 or so minutes.

    Yes, I may have got the timings wrong for the thinner variety of ramen. I usually cook the thicker variety (Batchelor's Super Noodles), and even on the packet they have similar instructions to the ones I listed.

    This is a good technique if you are adding other solid ingredients. As it makes it a one step cook. I wouldn't bother with step 6, just microwave 3 to 4 minutes

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