How should I cook bacon in an oven?

  • I've heard of people cooking bacon in an oven by laying the strips out on a cookie sheet. When using this method, how long should I cook the bacon for, and at what temperature?

    FWIW this is the best way of cooking bacon I've found. It's hassle-free and tastes great.

    @Herb: Better tossing in the deep fryer? If so, I must give it a try.

    @derobert: Oven and deep fried bacon are both great, advantage with the oven is you get long flat pieces. Whenever I've deep fried it curls up like mad. So can switch cooking application based on what result you want, both have their uses.

  • I've always cooked it on top of aluminum foil, at 350°F (~175°C) for 20 minutes. Flipping it once at about the half way point. If you prefer crispier, go for 25 minutes.

    You can speed up the bake time by using convection bake if your oven has that option.

    I don't find it necessary to flip the bacon - I just turn the cookie sheet around, front to back, so it cooks evenly.

    @herb, I'll have to try that out next time. Keeping the potential of grease splatter to a minimum would be nice.

    What do you do to avoid spattering grease all over the oven? Or is there not spattering with this method? I don't want to have to clean the oven afterwards.

    I think this is closest, but @Herb is right. I also vastly prefer parchment though. check similar: Cooking Buffet-Style Bacon

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