What happens if I brine my turkey for 2 days?

  • I have a logistical problem that leaves me with no fridge room for 2 days before Thanksgiving... I always brine my turkey, so I don't have any questions about that, but typically it's only an 8 - 10 hour brine.

    Is it possible to "over brine" a turkey? Lets assume I keep it covered and keep it cold (so that we're not discussing food safety as it relates to the turkey getting warm).

  • Sobachatina

    Sobachatina Correct answer

    9 years ago

    It is possible to over brine meat. If you leave it in too long it will get too salty.

    If you use a more dilute brine it won't get as salty but you will wash out more of the natural flavor into the water as well.

    You could submerge your turkey in its packaging in ice water in a cooler for a day before brining. You could even thaw the turkey in this manner if you made sure to keep it in ice water so it didn't get to 40F.

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