How can I get my bread to be more fluffy and less dense?

  • I've been making bread for a while now, but I can never get it to rise enough. The bread comes out really dense, so it's not very useful for sandwiches. I give it ten minutes after kneading, bash it down again, then another hour before baking. I've tried adding sugar as well but this hasn't made much impact.

    As you can see from the wide variety of answers, there's many factors in play, and it's difficult to guess what's going on! Could you post a specific recipe and technique you're using? I think this would help produce more targeted suggestions. Welcome to Seasoned Advice!

    What flour are you using and what region do you live in?

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    10 years ago

    A big factor besides the dough is the temperature at which you bake the bread.

    If you are not baking it at some recipe specified temperature you are probably playing on the safe side and your breads won't raise much.

    You have to heat the CO2 pockets quickly so that they expand before the dough hardens. The more temperature you can give it the better.

    Another possible factor may be the yeast. Are you waiting enough? Are you using enough? Like temperature, more yeast and longer fermentation times can't go wrong.

    What temperature do you usually bake at, then?

    Proofing the yeast is a good option too. Also good for making sure it's alive, and expands before the ingredients that could slow it down get to it.

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