Does pesto go bad?

  • I have some basil pesto but I'm not sure how long its fridge life is. It is in a sealed container. How long does it last before it is not safe to eat anymore?

    Exact time is impossible to judge, as we don't know how it's been prepared or stored. For instance, was this something commercially made? If so, was it sold in a jar and shelf-stable, or was it sold in the refrigerated section?

    Also, what's in it? Just basil? Oil? Garlic? Preservatives like vinegar? Please see this related question: How long can a bottle of self-made basil sauce last without rotting?

    Also, you're keeping it in the fridge? We usually pour our pesto into small tupperware containers and throw them in the freezer, and they are good for an entire year or more.

    Practically as soon as you buy it in the fridge, I love pesto but it's a nightmare to keep.

  • Doug

    Doug Correct answer

    9 years ago

    I believe that the best indicator of freshness is the colour of the leaves. Once they turn from green to brown, it is all over for the pesto.

    To boost the 'shelf-life' of the pesto in the fridge, make sure that it is completely covered with olive oil before sealing the container.

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