What is the best way to store carrots?

  • The carrots that I buy come in a sealed plastic bag. In the store they are not refrigerated. I've tried keeping them in the bag in the place where I keep things like onions, garlic, and potatoes (a cabinet with metal racks, and an air opening in the back - I keep the carrots on their own rack). I've tried keeping them in the bag, but I've found that one often rots, from moisture or something similar, and causes all the rest of the carrots to go bad. I've tried taking them out of the bag, but they all quickly shriveled up and went bad. The only thing I can think of still trying is to keep them in the fridge... What is the preferred way of storing carrots? How can I keep my carrots in good condition and prevent them from rotting?

  • Store them in the bag in your fridge. Also, if you take the greens off they will last longer. I keep mine in the drawer at the bottom.

    Why does removing the tops make them last longer?

    More specifically, removing the _greens_ from the carrots prevents them drawing moisture out of the root itself.

    @MichaelHoffman The greens--and the roots (the carrot itself)--are still alive. The continue to respire and metabolize, expending resources stored in the root since they are in the dark and without soil, so they are not photosynthesizing and producing new resources. Removing the greens will really cut down on the nutrient draw from the root.

    When storing carrots or other root crops in a (usually wooden) container packed with damp sand, the whole assembly is traditionally called a _clamp_.

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