What herbs and spices are in "Italian Seasoning"?

  • I'm beginning to grow my own herbs and would like to put together something similar to the "Italian Seasoning" found in the grocery store spice section. (It's an easy way to add more flavor to pasta sauce.)

    Is there a commonly accepted list of ingredients and proportions, or does it vary between the spice companies?

  • Having taken a look around some recipe sites and taken the intersection of what most of them consider the "core" spices (and leaving out the ones that showed up on too many 'variations' lists), it looks like the canonical ones are:

    • basil
    • marjoram
    • oregano
    • rosemary
    • thyme

    I agree that this is the core of Italian Seasoning mix. If you're willing to put one together that's a bit more involved (but well worth your time!), check this recipe out: http://www.justrightmenus.com/recipe.php?id=73

    @JustRightMenus Are the herbs and garlic in that recipe fresh?

    I have used both and it comes out great either way.

    I associate marjoram with middle eastern cuisine more so than Italian. I find marjoram to be used far more often in middle eastern cuisine.

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