What kind of cheese does Pizza Hut or Domino's use?

  • I have been experimenting with Pizza and cakes. I can easily purchase mozzarella in India and have been using it for pizza, but it doesn't come close to the cheese Pizza Hut or Domino's use. Do they use some special cheese? I would like to experiment with cheese. I normally sprinkle oregano on cheese but I think there could be more to it.

    Do you want to add a little detail on what aspects the mozzarella you're buying is missing when compared to Pizza Hut or Dominos?

    I question the source of your mozzarella. Can good mozzarella be purchased in India? It can't in 99% of Canada, so I doubt it.

    @Doug, you may be correct. I use Amul Cheese, its a well known brand in India.

    You want to get a good buffalo mozzarella. Though personally, I think to get a good pizza cheese flavour and texture going on, you need to combine the mozzarella with a hard cheese like a strong cheddar or montrey jack.

    @Doug: do you really think Domino's uses "good mozarella"? I doubt really good mozarella exists in the quantities they require :) Most likely they use a mix of a bit of mass produced mozarella with mostly gouda or cheddar, which are cheaper and produced in far higher bulk.

  • Pizza hut uses skim milk mozzarella on it's pizza, at least in the USA. Not sure what they use in other countries, but I would imagine it is still the same. Skim milk mozzarella is extremely stretchy, but loses a little on the flavor end. More expensive pizzerias normally spring for the full fat mozzarella cheese.

    Dominos uses a mix of cheese, made up of mozzarella, Pecarino, Parmesan, and asiago cheeses. I think in their most recent reboot they switched to part skim mozzarella but I am not one hundred percent on that.

    "Skim milk mozzarella" sounds very technical, I will try to find pecarino and aisago chees, parmesan is readily availble :) thanks

    Most grated mozzarella you can buy in stores (in the US, at least) is skim milk mozzarella.

    I concur with @sarge_smith We used skim milk mozzarella for the standard pizzas and whole milk cheddar for the "Pizza Mias". Mind that I haven't worked at Pizza Hut in 3 years so they may have changed cheeses.

    grated mozerella???? doesnt mozerella come in blobs soaked in water?

    Good mozzarella, yes. Cheap mozzarella, no.

    @Midhat: you are right. The main problem is that should NOT even be called mozzarella. It is rather some generic *pasta filata* (spun paste) cheese, while mozzarella is a fresh, soft cheese. PS: it is called "Pec **o** rino" (meaning sheep cheese)

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